新疆11选5最大遗漏变色: The Oilfield Glossary: Where the Oil Field Meets the Dictionary

新疆11选5玩法 www.nv6b.cn The Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary is an evergreen, instant reference that takes up no space on your bookshelf and offers many special features:

  • Comprehensive: definitions for major oilfield activities
  • Accessible: definitions for both the technical generalist and the expert
  • Accurate: definitions reviewed by technical experts
  • Illustrated: high-quality, full-color photographs and illustrations clarify many definitions
  • Thorough: citations of significant technical papers for further reading
  • Versatile: streamlined navigation, enhanced search capability and key resource links
  • Interactive: on-line capabilities allow for continual expansion and updating based on reader input.

Don't just take our word for it. The Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary has received Awards of Excellence from the Business Marketing Association and the Society for Technical Communication. Launched in 1998, the Oilfield Glossary, which includes more than 4600 entries, continues to expand and improve. Drill into this reservoir of terminology!


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